Introduction to NetEnt Studio

In the iGaming world, NetEnt reigns supreme among different casino studios. They are capable of producing popular slots that help casino houses attract a more extensive customer base. Stunning graphics, creativity, and innovation define NetEnt slots. You can visit to see some of the best slots from NetEnt.

Having great customer service is also a great contribution to the success of NetEnt. They have a team of competent support capable of tackling different customer problems. That is why they have great trust from customers. Visit asa-djinnia to see some of their best slots in the market.

Why Contact NetEnt

For every gambler, you must at a time want to contact NetEnt. As you play, there are a lot of issues that may need attention from their experts. Such issues include missed payments, issues with terms and conditions, rules and regulations, bugs, or even things to do with the exchange rates.

Excellent customer support should respond to customer needs with urgency and even exceed their expectations. For that to happen, there must be a good channel(s) that a customer can use to reach out. Here, we are going to discuss different ways to contact the NetEnt customer service center.

Use of Email

Nowadays, the use of email is the most popular way of communicating between businesses and customers. 95% of online consumers in the UK prefer email. With over 2.8 million emails sent per second, it shows how much email tool can of help. NetEnt is not left out here.

NetEnt site has "Contact Us Page." When you visit their site, you will need to specify the area of interest. They have different departments, such as Sales, Affiliate, Press, Info, Work, and Investor. Each department has a unique email. All you need is to copy and paste it in your email box.


Use of Phone

The phone is another tool you can utilize to improve customer service. With the advancement in VOIP technology, it is now easier than ever to operate a thriving call center. All you need is an excellent team of customer care personal. Having more workforce working on shift minimizes the customer waiting time.

NetEnt has a standard line (+46 8 578 54 500) that you can use to reach out to them. After making the call, someone in the call center will pick. Thay will answer and solve your frequent questions. If the problem is a bit technical, they direct you to a specific department.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Before we wind up, we have seen two popular ways you can contact the NetEnt call center. The use of email is quick, convenient, and also permanent (you can keep a record). A phone is an important tool since you can receive instant feedback from NetEnt. It is also cheaper with the use of VOIP.

However, NetEnt can do better than that. Currently, the use of live chat is taking the market by a storm. It is known to give a competitive advantage. Most customers prefer 24/7 live chat where they receive feedback from agents in real-time. With introduction of a live chat, NetEnt will stand out their competitors.